Mandag 17. October- Sunday 6. November

Finally Lars came and I couldn't wait to see him. I barely slept the night before and got very late to bed too. I was at Renata's one of my classmates. She is a very nice girl and happens to live just across the Meadows in Marchmont. I went there and hung out with her flatmates; Candace from the U.S and another very kind girl and some nice blokes. One of them had been studying in Denmark for half a year and we fell into place immediately.
Matt came and so did Lena and Alexander from class. We saw Sunshine in a spotless mind and it was very cosy. Renata and her flatmates share a huge two floors apartment in Marchmont with a giant sitting room with a spacious bay (karnap) where they can eat, good size rooms and two bathrooms.

I just rested on my bed for an hour before I got up to dress and go for the airport buss. It was a rainy morning unfortunately- I didn't want Lars to arrive in Scotland in heavily rain but he did. I guess his first impressions of Edinburgh were cold and wet.
We didn't really do anything that Sunday- I showed Lars the close surroundings, George Square with the University, David Hume Tower and so (promise to take pictures of all the university area soon) and it was pouring down the rest of the day.

The week went very fast, too fast, because it was so good to have Lars here. Monday was another rainy day where we just strolled around and went to The Portrait Gallery to see an exhibition The healing touch about medical science the last 500 years. We returned next day to see a minor but fine photo exhibition Still Life? with photos taken by Scottish pensioners from around Scotland focusing on senior citizens and their life, values and thoughts.

The two major sights seeing during Larse's stay were the climbing up to Arthur's Seat and being in Holyrood Park and the visit to the Castle. See the Photo section for these events.
That was also during Larse's stay I had haggis for the first time. I tasted really good, a bit like Danish finker. Haggis is sheep's eatable entrails minced and spices like pepper, salt, nutmeg (muskatnød) and other spices added. You boil haggis and eat it with mashed potatoes and mashed turnip.

At Sunday I saw Nosferatu with living organ music in Usher Hall. That was a great experience because the music so fit in with the film and the dramatic climaxes of the story line. The organ player and organ was hidden behind a giant curtain and this combination of live music and film was astonishing.

My birthday 1. November went on very quietly as nobody knew of it. I went to the cinema (would have done it anyway) to see the amazing and brilliant 400 Blows by Francois Truffaut ( Les quatre sans coup- see review under Diary section here). I had received a package from home and I thank again for the nice presents and all the mails, guestbook greetings, cards and letters from home.
Thank you for greeting me on my birthday.

Nothing really happened the rest of the week. Gaelic is so fascinating and becoming a challenge now. I am enjoying talking to Noreen and the other nice people in the class and Iona our teacher is so nice, kind, smart and humorous so it is a vitamin shot every Thursday evening. I promise to write a piece of text in Gaelic soon.

Guy Fawkes Night was on Saturday and I had really looked forward to that day because I thought that it was something comparable to our Sankt Hans Aften in June in Denmark. So I was naively looking for piles of wood for bonfire around the Meadows. At 7:00 pm a lot of fireworks went of. It continued all night long and that was exactly like New Years Eve in Denmark. A lot of fine fire works. For the bonfire I found out that it actually took place in people's back yards.
They simply piled a lot of wood and old rubbish and burned it while drinking a beer and chatting with the neighbour. I can see how nice it is to have a bonfire in the middle of November when everything is dark and cold. However it was a strange mix to me of Sankt Hans and New Year. At New Years Eve over here there is no fire works. There is a public one recently approved in Edinburgh city council I guess but no one burns fire works in private.

That is pretty much what happened those two weeks. I guess the photos explain more and are much more interesting than my written words so please do take a look in the albums and pay attention to this webpage on a regular basis. From the welcome page ( click on "welcome" or "William" ) it is now possible to subscribe on a newletter mail. You will then the get an email everytime the site is updated

Goodnight my dear family and all my dear friends. I think about and love you all.