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[ Danish ]
Edinburgh and Denmark are different in this way :
  • You don't put eggs on refrigerated display counter (at least not in Tesco)
  • You cannot have yeast in the supermarket, only dry yeast
  • Self-raising flour is widespread. Fortunately one can get regular flour as well.
  • The supply of ready prepared dishes is immense in supermarkets.
  • The supply of organic food is variated and large and one can get almost everything organic. It is also more expensive.
  • Fish is very expensive (as in Denmark although Scotland too is a fishing country)
  • Food is cheaper than in DK and the supply is larger.
  • One can not buy liquorice.
  • The traffic lights are ssllooooowww, so if one don't cross on a red light it takes forever to cross the street.
  • There are several lovely public parks and grounds in Edinburgh but there are also small grounds where there is no entry. The gate is closed and the ground happens to be a society where one must be a member to get access to entering the ground.
  • There are newspaper stand in the streets and a sleepy salesman will hand out the news.
  • Newspapers are cheaper than in DK. A daily paper costs 60 p and the Sunday issue costs £ 1.
  • Busses are cheaper. One gets a lot for £ 1. Within 0-8 zones a ticket costs 80 p. Clip cards are unknown.
  • People don't leave dog-shit behind. Everybody(almost) puts it in a bag.
    For this reason one can walk the parks safely without having dog shit on the shoes .
  • The play grounds seem to be boring and the kids are watched closely by the parents.
  • There is a lack of a proper Thai supermarket but the Chinese supermarkets will do.
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