My name is Lykke, a Danish former student and now student again.
I am taking an MSc in Film studies (a master: svarer til en slags overbygning i film),
at Edinburgh University for a year. ( Sep.2005 - Sep.2006 )
With my 39 years, I am not entirely the typical student when it comes to age.
Although postgraduate students tend to be foreigners and mature.

For the last five years I have been an upper secondary school teacher in Denmark at VUC (adult education centre) in my hometown Nykøbing. My subjects are Danish literature and language and psychology.

I was born in Copenhagen in 1966 but grew up in the countryside at Falster, a small island in Southern Denmark not far from Germany.
When I was 18 I moved to Copenhagen to study theology but never had an MA. I got a BA in 1990. I worked and travelled a lot for a long period until I decided to study Danish language and literature at the University of Copenhagen. I got my MA in 1998.

In 2000 I moved back to the area where I grew up and settled down in Nykøbing starting to teach adult people between 18-80 years. It was a very meaningful and good job and I had excellent colleges. I learned a lot from my years at the adult education centre (VUC) and I appreciate that.

I have always wanted to study film but never succeeded at university. Finally in 2004 I decided to go abroad to try and live a year in a foreign country and study one of my favourite subjects.
I choose Edinburgh because I remembered it to be a nice city and one of my friends had actually studied journalism there at the Napier University.
I am looking forward to my study and my stay here in Edinburgh and to introduce you to hopefully a lot of funny, exiting and instructive happenings.

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