Diary 30. January- 28. March

I have been so lazy with the diary and I'm sorry for that. But I will try and make up for that now.
Nothing much has really happened. I seem to have a stable and continuing every day here in Edinburgh with studies, readings, screenings, a lot of visits to Cameo and Filmhouse and a lot of strolling and trips out. One must constantly broaden one's horizon so it not going to end up in Tesco and campus and Glengyle Terrace and the adorable cats we have in the house.
I have been to some trips with ISC around Scotland. The trip to Loch Katrine with Li Wei in March was excellent and it was so good to be two. The area is amazing and I really want to return when everything is green.

Li Wei Lykke

Spring has really come yet. There are daffodils everywhere and the buds are green and ready to blossom. Spring should be earlier here than in Denmark and I am waiting impatiently.
What is nice is the public use of The Meadows. People are playing ball, sitting in groups, walking their dogs, playing with torches, dancing and jogging. Only thai-chi seems to be missing. Now light is fading slowly and it is 8.00 pm and still there is life on the lawns. That is what I like so much about Edinburgh- this vitality and constant dynamism- a vibrant city.

Studies are going well. We have ended the semester and submitted our first essay this term, the option essay of 4000 words. I wrote about A Short Film about Killing by Krzysztof Kieslowski and Manslaughter (Drabet) by Per Fly. If the essay turns out well I'll publish it for your interest.
Now I slowly come to the next and shorter one of 2500 words. It is the theory essay and I'm going to apply some horror theory to the film Session 9 by Brad Anderson. It is an overlooked but nevertheless brilliant horror film and drama taking place on location in Danvers, Massachusetts. The closed down Danvers State Hospital is the provides the framework for a disturbing story about a team of asbestos workmen and their experiences at the abandoned hospital. Resembling The Shining in several scenes the film plays on the mental hospital as almost the protagonist of the film.
The corridors, the horrifying facilities for hydrotherapy and other "therapies", the enormous kitchen and creepy morgue, the weathered walls and broken windows all make a horrifying scene for mental break down which is one of the themes in the film (just as in The Shining).
The stupid Danish translation (Dødens hospital) is extremely inappropriate and makes the film sound like a cheap B-movie. The original title Session 9 refers to a session (terapeutisk samtale) which is crucial for the plot and narrative in the film.

I have started joining a small group of classmates and our aim is to make a short film during the summer months. We are also applying for several film competitions and festivals both in UK and abroad. We can borrow film equipment for free so it is basically a question of shooting and having a good idea and a good story line.
If we can participate in the Filmhouse monthly Shoot first event that would be terrific.
There are two more monthly film quizzes running at the moment; at Filmhouse and Dean and The Edinburgh Film Society are running one at Cameo. It is an excellent way to hang out and get to know more about cinema.

We also enjoy Renata and her flatmate's warmth and hospitality when we frequently go for a film night at her place. At the moment we are screening The Kingdom by Lars von Trier and it is great fun. People have surrendered to Chief surgeon Misses Drusse, Stig Helmer, Moesgaard, Hook ( Krogshøj :-)) and all the other weird persons of the series.

I promised you a taste of Gaelic. I have almost finished level I but I'm afraid I don't have the possibility to continue as level II will not start until September and I am most likely back in Denmark at that time. :-(