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Updated : 17 February, 2007

Edinburgh Tattoo ( webcam ) at 9pm GMT
One of the highlights at the Edinburgh festival.

The Scotsman , Outdoor sights
The newspaper,The Scotsman, has a informative website where you can register free and get the topstories and news from Scotland, UK, worldwide.
It is a good chance to keep an eye on the domistic news.

The Sundayherald
The Sundayherald (and The Herald as well) is an excellent paper
(as the danish Politiken) and the sunday version has a good addition with interesting articles of high standard.
(like a mix between Politiken and Information)

The Danish-Scottish Society
The Danish-Scottish Society (DSS) was founded in 1986 and today has over 150 members. The members are mainly people in Scotland with links to, or an interest in, Denmark. DSS arranges events and publishes a three monthly newsletter.

The Pentlands
Some nice foto from the area, taken by Dave Henniker.

Streets of Edinburgh
Pictures of about 1000 streets in Edinburgh

In Search of Scotland
Many interesting things about Scotland ,
and a good detailed reading of Scottish history.

Guy Fawkes
In 1605, thirteen young men planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Among them was Guy Fawkes, Britain's most notorious traitor.The riot was against the bad treatment of the Catholics at that time. The 5th of November Guy Fawkes night is celebrated with fireworks and bonfire. It is quit the same as the Danish Sankt Hans Aften.
Budget Backpackers Edinburgh Hostel
Kick-ass hostel in the centre of Edinburgh.

This is probably the best hostel I have been sleeping at,
and I have tried some during my time.
- The staff is friendly
- There is very clean
- Excellent breakfast
- Cheap, you can book twinrooms (only for two people) at low price -
- Very centrally located
- Nice colours, warm atmosphere

- Lykke -