Monday 7. November- Sunday 20.November:

The two weeks have been a mix of a lot of things; interesting guest lectures (Mark Cousins), pub hanging- out (The Brass Monkey and Centraal), trip to Loch Lomond (see pictures in Photos section) and hard work on the option essay, not to mention a lot of interesting film.

Mark Cousins (his book The Story of Film just translated to Danish, Filmens historie) gave two very interesting lectures on time and space in cinema, how time can either be logical or turned up side down (two or more versions of the same story f.ex) and space that must be logical as well (the same room, the same persons acting in order to make a feeling of the same space and continuity)

Because of a very good and kind initiative from my class mate Renata people started hanging out on different pubs every Monday evening. It is a good way of knowing each other and discuss film and study in a more relaxed context. There are a lot of good pubs in Edinburgh and beer is quite cheap so why don't have a pint and a chat. Unfortunately it seems the good habit has stopped for a while but that is understandable because everybody is busy with the option essay.

I am doing an essay on a French film by a director called Claire Denis. She is not very known in Denmark (from Natfilmfestival perhaps) but she is quite interesting. Her film Beau travail (Good Work) takes place within the Foreign Legion in Djibouti, a former colony of France. It is a story that can be interpreted in many ways, the colonial and post colonial situation for the French and the people once colonized the individual who has lost the identity and doesn't belong, masculine and feminine values etc. A story of envy and hatred, a triangle of conflict between three men lies as the basis in the film upon which a lot of other themes are building.
I don't know whether my essay will turn out well, so I'll better stop talking about it until it is marked.

The Loch Lomond trip was excellent and it is a nice way of seeing other parts of the country. We use to drive out with McPhails busses and three very kind and funny elderly drivers who obviously enjoy driving with younger people. The voluntary people from ISC (International Student Centre) provides everyone with a map and you are free to explore an area or landscape on your own or together with others from the travelling group. You then have to be back at the busses at a certain time. It is very convenient and easy.

The weather here in town is really autumn now. We have had temperatures below zero and it is very cold and windy. Slowly everything is preparing for Christmas, the shops have Christmas things; glass balls, Christmas trees in plastic, hearts, candles, Christmas wreaths (julekranse), Christmas pudding and cakes and so on.

I recently enjoyed a Sunday afternoon with Li Wei walking up Calton Hill and ending at Li Weis place in Mylnes Court a very nice place at The Royal Mile. Three people are sharing a kitchen and a bathroom and have quite small but very cosy room at their own. There are no corridors so each core or cell of tenants are like a flat itself centred on the kitchen. That means a lot of peace and safety, because you only have access to your own core. Everything is modernised so it looks like a perfect place to live.

I'm going to end this diary. Oh by the hand- Gaelic is doing well, still being cosy and relaxing but rather complicated. It is really interesting and I'm looking forward to do some exercise in the Christmas holiday. Right now I'm just picking up and joining all the classes every Thursday night.